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testified prov >>> it is the kind of witness that a prosecute absolutey wants to use. >> what evidence his exmistress testified proves he used steroids. >>> whenever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the united states. >> the president defends his decision to commit u.s. forces for libyan freedom fighters. how well did he make his case to the american people? >>> and more dramatic video of a coastal city in japan being wiped away and new questions tonight being raised about how the country is coping with its nuclear crisis. >>> and a huge hunk of rock in san francisco bay. it could be yours at a bargain price. >>> good evening. i'm dana king. >>> there was stunning and at times very graphic testimony in the barry bonds' murder case today. his mistress described bonds as increasingly angry and at times impotent due to steroids. why her motives are being called into question. >> reporter: she was called for one explosive reason. >> she's going to provide the jury with her statement talking about mr. bounds' admission about using steroids -- mr. bonds' admission. >> she had l
." >>> the prosecution says that is proof barry bonds used steroids. why one analyst says what we are hearing today may mean more damaging evidence is ahead for the former slugger. >>> and forget waiting for us to tell you. this business sends its own recall warnings. why the most recent one was a little too late though for one customer. >>> yes, she was an actress but she was also an activist. elizabeth taylor's special ties to the bay area. >>> and all the equipment you would find in a music studio donated to students in oakland. who is giving future musicians a leg up today. good evening i'm dana king. ken is off tonight. >>> a secretly recorded conversation took center stage at the barry bonds' trial today and in it bonds' personal trainer talks about injecting bonds. enough to prove bonds is guilty of lying about using steroids? well, listen for yourself. robert lyles has the recording. >> reporter: federal prosecutors waited until today to play for jurors an 8-year- old recording between this man, bonds' boyhood friend and business partner and his former trainer. the record is garbled but listen
a drug that used to cost $20 is now 75 times that. >>> good evening. it is not a warning you expect to get here of living here in the bay area, but tonight families in one neighborhood is being told that their water is not being safe to drink. robert liles is in heyward where the city and county are now stepping in. >> reporter: well, last week, we exposed tap water contamination to some of the homes behind me, con testimony understand levels so high the district attorney watched our story and now has opened an investigation against the landlord. >> well that's off the charts. >> reporter: in 30 years in fight are -- fighting for tenants rights, he's never seen nothing like it. in the case of harvey avenue in hayward. >> what happened here is so crazy, it just he will straight the gravity of what this man did. >> he's talking about the landlord. >> i'm going to ask you to leave. >> reporter: we found thomas at his offices in oakland. >> he didn't want to talk on camera about what we found in the water. >> grit, more grit and sand. >> it was yellow. it had a very overwhelming smell.
was no exception and neither is tonight. roberta is in the weather center to show us what is still to come. >> you mentioned ten straight days and that is 17 out of the last 22 days and take a look at our radar. we have rain, pockets of modern rain, all the way into santa clara valley. primarily around hayward where we have a cell with moderate rain. if you live there, you probably know what i'm talking about. meanwhile, up stream we head towards north bay where you haven't seen showers until 4:00 this afternoon. take a look at the areas of yellow. plenty of rain and scat red hit and miss showers around the peninsula. wrap it around where we have airport delays at sfo. the flash flood watch you need to know about. highlight those areas coming up later. >> thank you. in the meantime, crews are assessing damage after a massive landslide. it is stranding dozens of families in their homes, but they are adapting quickly to the situation. joins us from the santa cruz mountains to explain. kim. >> reporter: the people who live here in the santa cruz mountains are tough, proud, and very independent. not
people have started using again. >> fools. >> do you owe cbs an apology. >> no, they owe me a big one, publickicly while licking my feet. >> sheen calls it a start. radio online says charlie sheen took a drug test which shows he's been clean for at least the last 72 hours. >> i am on a drug it's called charlie sheen. it's not available because if you try it once you will die. your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body. >> he says if cbs wants him back it will be 3 million an episode. cbs isn't commenting on sheen for now. >>> the man responsible for the largest upon see scheme in history -- ponzi scheme in history. he says his motive was never personal gain. >> if you think that i did this, i woke up one morning and i want to be able to buy a boat, a plane and this is what i'm going to do, that's wrong. i said i had more than enough money to support any of my lifestyle and my family's lifestyle. >> madoff also said when he saw that scheme was about to unravel, he tried to get some investors their money back. he said they simply would not take it. madof
. >>> there was a tornado in the north bay today and a funnel cloud near san francisco. elizabeth cook shows you us some -- shows us some of the action was caught on tape. >> reporter: yeah, some chilly temperatures and a little bit of wind right now but nothing compared to what the storm did here earlier. ist was the last big -- it was the last big winter storm of the season and mother nature showed no mercy. >> it was like a scene from the wizard of oz. >> the whole area was really wild with the rain, really dramatic. >> the chef watched as the fun fell cloud situated -- nun ---- funnel cloud skated across the water toward his restaurant. >> it snapped some of the wires and they had sparks and we all ran out there and checked it out and were calling 911. >> reporter: a tornado ripped through the streets of santa rosa friday morning. >> i've been at this bids for 33 years -- business for 33 years and i've never seen anything like that. >> his mother watched the destruction. >> she said it sounded like a bomb went off. >> reporter: a truck driver was killed when his big rig struck a tree and flipped ove
. grace lee gives us a tour of the damage. >> the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in japan rocked its people to the core. the 8.9 magnitude quake gave skyscrapers a good shake. it's really frightening, this woman said in the town of yokahama, where people were dodging falling debris. >> i never experienced such shaking before. i could not keep standing and i have never experienced such an earthquake before. >> and then only minutes later, a massive wall of water swallowed everything in its path. looked like a boiling caldren. caught in the grip of the tsunami. >> coming in several sweets. >> then a second wave ripped away vessels. nothing was spared in its wake. the turbulence water created the whirlpool, a swirling mess that a boat was helpless to escape. we don't know the state of that vessel. the airport tarmac was covered in a muddy mix while passengers scrambled to the roof looking for an escape. then, the fires. flames shot up hundreds of feet high at this oil refinery and cars that were slated for export charred. entire villages have been destroyed and before the cleanu
. it turns out why the u.s. supreme court said today that a fun da mentalist church can protest at military funerals. justices ruled 8-1 in favor of the baptist church. the kansas-based group made headlines last year for demonstrating outside funerals of fallen u.s. service members claiming that god is pun i -- punishing the military for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality. they were sued. >>> tonight an ahterton teacher is on paid leave after one of the students made a frantic call to 911. >> he's throwing things on our table and screaming at a -- at us, he's going crazy. >> the 8th grader made the call from a school bathroom yesterday afternoon. she told the dispatcher the teacher was yelling and throwing things to get the attention of the students. but when police arrived they didn't find anything out of the ordinary. >> what he found was calm students, a calm teacher sitting on the desk. >> when you have a situation where a student makes an allegation that they feel threatened, then we feel a strong obligation to investigate what are the actual facts of that case. >> the police cons
our heart is trying to tell us. good evening i'm ken bastida. >>> i'm dana king. tonight city leaders in hercules say it is time to declare a state of emergency. >> homes there are literally holding up the side of a hill that came tumbling down in recent rains. four have been red tagged already. four more are threatened. >> the houses in jeopardy are on carson street and they are part of a development. robert lyles got a look inside a red tagged home that the owner says he has never been allowed to live in. robert? >> reporter: well, dana, to understand the gravity of what's happening here allow me to show you something. these are k rails and they are normally found on the side of a freeway. so why are they in a quiet neighborhood? well, the city of hercules believes that these walls are the only thing that will stop this house from sliding off of its foundation, pushed by the landslide from the hillside beyond this home. now, that home run says he has never been allowed to live inside. he says he was never told that that house was in jeopardy. in fact, he provided cbs5 with these doc
mercury and how what it finds up there can help us down here. >>> good evening to all of you. >> i'm dana king. smoke has been rising from a building house. and it begs to question, is anything working to cool down and prevent disaster. that uncertainty has people confused and racing to get out of the country. charlie reports crews are one step away from ending the crisis. steady stream of electricity can be hope of cooling down reactors. >> reporter: officials say powerline to one of the reactors is ready. >> if the cooling system in the reactors and fuel pump are found and then the u proker comes on, then we might look at that moment as beginning of the end of this crisis. >> 11,000 sent -- one unit the rods were exposed and could catch fire. another set of workers more than 300 inside the plant and pumping sea water trying to overt a nuclear crisis. panic is -- passport lines are long in the airports. thursday the u.s. government offered to evacuate american citizens. >> i'm concerned because i really don't know the situation about the radiation. it keeps changing. >> reporter: many ar
the devastating force of this landslide, allow me to step out of the way. now this backyard here on hillcrest used to be at least ten feet wider. it has now been swallowed by trees, by mud, by an old fencing and back there in the back, that used to be a 6-foot tall storage shelter here on this property. it has been crumpled like an aluminum can. the land is sliding from three homes above into the back of the three homes below and residents now wonder aloud if all of this is the result of a slide, get this, 28 years ago. >> i'm not going to wait. >> blanca is trying to box up what her family can live with and live without because tonight she is in a race against the storm cloud. >> i'm freaking out. >> you would too if your backyard looked like it was hit by a quake. but it was no quake, instead, it has been sliced away by days and days of rain. they are hoping tarping will slow the landslide. >> i can hear the crack. i can see that my hill is gone. so i don't want to wait for the rest of it to go down the hill. we are leaving. >> what was her backyard has now slid. >> this used to be embedd
for that. >>> a woman in her 80s used a gun to confront an intruder inside her richmond home and tonight we are hearing the 911 call that followed. robert lyles on what happened after the gun went off. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> i need the police. >> reporter: 911 dispatchers are accust tommedomed to callers in distress. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: but the cry coming from this home took on a particularly urgency. a >> what's going on? >> somebody broke into my house. they broke the door down. send someone out here quick, please. >> reporter: we are protecting her identity because the frightened woman on the other end of that call is 84 years old. and as the 911 dispatcher learned all alone. >> nobody was here but me. >> reporter: but this was her flee or fight moment and she chose to fight. >> a man was in the hall and one mind told me to get my gun. >> reporter: she slept with this 38 revolver at her bedside for two decades. sunday night was the first time she had to take up. listen why it stripped this brazen burglar of all bravado. >> listen to me, ma'am. is he still there? >>
shows us where it is and how people fearing the worst have wiped out certain items on store shelves. >> reporter: hidden eight stories in san francisco it quietly spins. >> it collects realtime. >> reporter: and at first glance it looks like a middle school science project. but don't be deceived. this 4-foot tall tin man is scanning bay area air for something deadly. >> beta particles which are the result of decay and gam mawaves. >> reporter: that's what could be released if nuclear plants continue to meltdown and their core explodes. if the explosion is significant nif particles and rays get picked up by the jet stream mixed with clouds and could drop radiation rain here but -- >> i think that is extremely unlikely that there will be any risk to folks in this country. i mean the distance is simply so large. >> reporter: still, the bay area air quality management district says -- >> my understanding is they may be putting out additional monitors for this particular incident. >> reporter: mobile monitors. where, how many, no one will say, but radiation fear 5000 miles away is playin
wants the u.s. to quote, send a fact finding team. rebels are requesting a no fly zone to ground the libyan air force. >>> the medical examiner's office ask -- the real headline from those documents, every round said to have fired hit someone. that is 31 bullets fired and every single one of them hitting someone. lautner currently faces 49 federal charges and he returns to court tomorrow. >>> rip off this sports car. and it just so happens that the owner of the car is a nationally known celebrity. grace lee reports, the hardest job of the part, where the thief may be ahead. >> it's a caper of movie proportions. >> hello ladies. >> but say good-bye to a lamborghini like this one, because someone climbed on to the roof and stole the $200,000 car. >> i would say it definitely required a certain amount of place to know how to use them. >> thief used rock climbing deer, and gymmied open a second floor window. the culprit cut the inside locks and drove away. we don't know the faith behind the criminal genius yet, but we do know the owner. in 2008, yellow and black belongs to food ne
of mission and mojave used to the -- be the top money maker in fremont until roger jones put the brakes on it. >> these things are not going what we want them to do. >> reporter: jones complained to caltrans that the left turn yellow light was too short. caltrans found no problem. but while they were out here they noticed that cars were coming off the freeway fast and needed more time to stop. and according to this e-mail they instead changed the yellow light for straight through traffic from 4.3 to 5 seconds flat. >> do you feel like you won? >> today, here, yeah. >> reporter: with an extra .7 seconds to make it through the intersection, the number of red light tickets went down dramatically. >> averaging 280 a month and in november it is 108. why is that? january, 132. february came out at 133. >> reporter: here is a look at the data. notice the number of tickets drop after the timex tension in november. the city is set to lose about $170,000 within a year, moving this cam from forest fifth place. it is unclear if accidents went up. hour however they have said in the past that red light cam
things out. there is just disgusting, nasty mud everywhere. and the city tells us that the rupture started about 4:30 p.m. today. they got 6 inches today. most came within the last two hours before this incident happened. the water basically just overwhelmed this culvert and burst through this asphalt dash inside this mobile home park. the dash measured 100 feet long. it spewed water right through downtown. people said that they were dealing with a 2-foot wall of water and mud. about two dozen businesses with inundated with water that was at times about knee deep. so they had one of the mobile homes destroyed, 40 of them damaged. the fire department, the police department was underwater at i'm sorry here. they are just going to have to be dealing with this wet, muddy mess here for at least a couple days. so it was quite amazing. we had some amazing video. >> kiet, my question to you, the noise in the background. are those generators for the businesses or are they -- i don't know, buzz saws? what is that noise, do you think. >> reporter: exactly. i'll show you. this guy -- it is cal
. there were people crawling all over us. >> the demonstration began hours earlier when protesters literally went out on a ledge. six of them to do together. their comrades use add rope to lift up supplies. a cop grabbed one of the protesters and arrested him, leave eight on the ledge. the demonstrators say they are angry at budget cuts to the university of california's system. they are upset about layoffs. for hours, they occupied the entire front steps of the building. classes were canceled. police declared it an unlawful assembly. >> but they stayed and talked to administration officials. then the deem industry tores came down from the ledge and released. no arrests. they say they successfully negotiated a settlement that keeps them from going to jail. >> they agreed to have a town hall meeting again. have an open dialogue. >> the uc berkeley police lieutenant said the protesters were issued field citations. tickets essentially, but not hauled off to jail. they also negotiated some terms in which they will receive a lesser punishment for today's action as well as one back in november o
he's not getting the information he needs and plans to assess the situation in person thursday. u.s. energy secretary admits he's baffled. >> there are conflicting reports and so we don't really know in detail what's happening. >> reporter: the uncertainty is spreading fear and anxiety. people here have gun to prepare for the worst. >> save their life from this devastation. >> you want to save their lives? >> yes. >> reporter: for that reason they fled tokyo to get toen a area west of the capital. officials believe we will over 10,000 people are dead from the massive earthquake and tsunami. the struggle continues for survivors staying in shelters. >> people are being ordered to stay at least 50 miles clear of the power plant. >>> so are you worried about the japanese radiation coming here to the west coast? our exclusive eyewitness news poll finds that most people in the bay area, about 54% are not that concerned about it. 45% on the other hand are either very or somewhat concerned. most experts once again we've said this several nights say that california should not be alarmed. >>>
darwin street and port smith avenue. elizabeth cook gives us a closer look at a crew salary moment in the chase. -- crucial moment in the case. >> it's almost like the surveillance cameras were meant to be here at this exact mom and place. here you can see the car and jeep slam into each other head on. almost immediately, the suspects take off. one sprints away easily. another one darts behind the crash and away from the camera. another point of view shows the almost caught suspect running away as the officer calls for backup. here you can see two of the suspects sprinting down the residential street and into the neighborhood. police thought one suspect was hiding in brandon's house. >> i think they were thinking in our backyard or in the field behind us. >> just before noon caught one of the suspects. >> we did locate one subject hiding in an out building in an area where he was described to have fled. >> reporter: neighbors say recently they have seen a rash of brake ins. >> it's very scary. they have been having a lot of home invasions lately and the cops have been passing out f
smith shows us that some towns and cities are unrecognizable. >> with the force and fury, the tsunami flattened what was there. once a picturesque fishing haven, there is little left that resembles its path. now there is only ruins. >> you went down to look if. >> the people we uncovered heeded warnings, went to higher ground. they lost everything. we are stunned, this man says. existed and then it didn't. more than half of this town's 20,000 residents are listed as missing or unaccounted for. they were here and now they are not. mr. kanichi stands at a hill looking at the debris field. somewhere below was his small trucking business and somewhere below was his wife who ran the office. he was away when the wave hit. now he says, everything is gone. >> we're a good 30 feet off the valley floor, because this valley is so narrow, the water kept going up because it didn't have a place to go. so as a result,in' back here, 40 and even 50 feet off the valley flor, there's destruction. >> a full two miles from the water's edge, we found mr. sato cleaning up the meses. his family says they
to the world. >> that's why this victim advises only use your electronics when the doors are closed. >>> two years after a bart police officer shot and killed an unarmed passenger, the transit agency now has a citizen review board. the bart board decided to establish that panel after that 2009 death. 11 people were selected today to sit on the committee. they will review, recommend and monitor the implementation of changes to the policies and they will also keep a eye on riders' complaints. 's weather agen >>> we have breaking news tonight out of japan where a 7.9 earthquake has just been recorded. and japan's weather agency is warning that a tsunami as much as 20 feet high could hit japan's northeast coast. that tsunami warning is in effect for much of the north pacific. the quake was centered on the eastern side. people in tokyo felt it. people ran out of high rise buildings. all we know about it all know, this is it, this information is just coming into our news room. we will pass on any other details as soon as we find out. 7.9 magnitude quake in japan. >>> also in the news tonight, a ca
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